Need someones input

How the hell does this mean schizoaffective disorder bipolar type

MENTAL STATUS: He is poorly built appears to be fairly nourished, appropriately groomed, oriented ×3, mood was down and anxious, affect was appropriate, some paranoia, positive visual hallucination. No suicidal ideation.

ASSESSMENT: Schizoaffective disorder bipolar type

Might quit my medicine

Every time I tried that it was a disaster. Every time I saw someone else try that it was also a disaster. Right now it is your decision, but be careful with it.


Every time I quit my meds I eventually ended up back in a psych ward except for earlier this year after I just got out of one and then quit my meds for about a month. I was determined not to go back since they’re so boring.

It’s just the way psychiatrists look at you. They use a special language to describe you, the patient, so they can prescribe medication or take other necessary action. They aren’t really like that in real life with their friends and family. You know all that anyway. Don’t stop your meds.

I don’t know why I need a mood stabilizer based on the psychiatrist’s description. It’s weird how they came up with this diagnosis based on these notes.

I’ve been taking meds for over 40 years. Once I stopped them for almost one year, but I eventually ended up in the hospital. I advise you to be careful.

My bid would be this is what makes you need medications.
The meds can make paranoia an halluciantions go away or at least lessen them.

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But why the mood stabilizer?

Because schizoaffective bipolar type usually comes with mood swings and mania and depression, and I’m sure the psychiatrist wants to avoid all that.


Maybe. But the description given to me in the notes doesn’t make any sense to justify bipolar type. Maybe I am being obsessive.

I mean, not to be dismissive, but it really seems like you are.

Try to give it a bit. See how you feel. Talk to your doctor about it. Get her to explain.

Yeah I do have OCD and stuff so that might be why. I am just confused.

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I feel anxious and sad at the same time right now.

I agree that while it describes schizophrenia, it doesnt describe moods swings. However, if you’ve seen this doctor before, he/she may have noticed mood issues in other visits.

They don’t come up with a diagnosis based on notes. They come up with it based on observation of a whole person, including how they describe their situation.

I think you’re putting far too much weight on these notes. If you have questions about your diagnosis, talk to your doctor and ask how they arrived at their conclusions.


For me my “symptoms” come from walls. More specifically dirty electricity. I can dither them but cant eliminate.

Yeah I’m a bit obsessive

I don’t know, I’m not a doctor. I also don’t know what previous assessments were done.

This is almost always a catastrophic decision. Please don’t. If you’re on meds and hallucinating, things will be much worse off of them (voice of experience here).

Hope you’ll give the doctors a chance to get things sorted and keep us posted.



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