Scary auditory hallucinations

I had some scary auditory hallucinations last night after waking up to adjust my pillow. One was a very scary demonic voice who whispered my name loudly into the darkness. I jumped and grasped onto my husband cause I was frightened. For the next half hour, I was so scared that something was going to attack and scratch my back. I continued to hear murmuring and background noise whenever I closed my eyes.

How do you distract yourself from auditory hallucinations and the fear that comes with them, besides listening to music?

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I saw most interesting show where they drilled a womans scull and placed an implant into a womans head that could not hear and she started hearing but the sound was abit different but she could underestand words.

Hearing voices…maybe they could invent an implant to stop the voices…

You might need an adjustment in your medication. I was taking Seroquel and I was still hearing a lot of voices and was so afraid at night. Now I’m taking Invega and it’s a lot better. I feel so much for you. I’ve had so much fear involved in hearing this type of thing. It took awhile and some med adjustments but I’m a lot better now. I too use music and it helps a lot.

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@melmel7, thank you for your sympathy. I do need a med adjustment. My insurance won’t cover my current med, so I need to switch anyway.

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I don’t want implants in my head it might break and I’d go even crazier.

I can get very frightening hypnagogic audio hallucinations, I found out I could change them by calming myself down and reminding myself it was just a hallucination and viewing it with interest like a scientist. Then they would change to be very neutral or mild sounds. Like once I had it go from a horrible laugh to a pencil scribbling on paper or angry machinery roaring to a soft beeping.


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