Scared to change meds

I am afraid of changing meds. I’m supposed to be changing from zyprexa to abilify soon. I already have the abilify but i’m afraid of zyprexa withdrawals. My psychiatrist said that it shouldn’t be a problem switching. He didn’t suggest tapering down but i’m going to anyway. I take zyprexa 5mg in the morning and 15 at night. How should i taper down?
I know i should ask my doc about it tomorrow but i’m afraid that he’ll say i don’t need to taper downz

its better to talk to pdoc …

If your current doctor tells you to quit the Zyprexa cold turkey - fire your current psychiatrist and see another one that makes you cross taper between the Abilify and Zyprexa.

Quitting an AP cold turkey is very dangerous and not recommended.

I would not attempt to taper off of the Zyprexa on your own - The Abilify has to be slowly increased, whie the Zyprexa has to be decreased - you need the guidance of an experienced psychiatrist to help you along.

Talk to your current pdoc and tell him that you want to cross taper between these 2 meds, if he disagrees with you, see another pdoc ASAP - your health is involved.


it’s real important to feel good and to be aware if your new meds are going to work and you can’t do that if you are withdrawing cold turkey. No psych should ever tell you that!!
Good luck with the Abilify I hope it works for you

Understand your fear and concern of this.

I previously came of zyprexa with out any difficulty but last time (approx month ago) I quit taking olanzapine and felt so horrid and mad that I got back on it.
Been back on it 2 weeks or so n feel better again.
Was off it 4 weeks or so.

I met with a new psychiatrist this week whom wants to put me on a new medication “geordin” something .
He said it is a new medicine and that it is better and that he does not want me to suffer with the weight gain when I neednt.
(olanzapine made me gain 20 kg)

Am not on the new medicine yet but am somewhat concerned as one tablet can do a lot to a person bad or good.
Concerned if my brain n body doesnt respond well to it and instead makes me worse but am willing to listen to his professional advise and give it a go and I really want to lose weight that Olanzapine made me gain.
I am somewhat pleased that he had my physical health and well being in mind as well as my mental health as they are kinda linked in a way :slight_smile: .

I guess your psychiatrist will be monitoring you or will be able to be contacted by you if you are not feeling well with the change.

Maybe you could ask for sleeping tablets to use the first three months if needed during the transition.

Why is your psychiatrist changing your medication?