Scared of becoming homeless

My husband hasn’t worked much the past couple weeks. Our rent was due the 1st. Now he hasn’t worked this week due to weather. I’m so scared he’s gonna kick us out. We have no one. We would be on the streets with no where to go. Do you think he’ll work with us?

I’m in the same boat, I made my rent, but just. Best to contact your landlord and explain whats going on, don’t let him have to contact you, they are more likely to help if you are upfront and show concern


I agree with @Mountainman.

If you initiate the conversation, it’ll be much easier.

Just call, explain and make payment arrangements,

That’s all you can do.


I thought u are a male @Steph… glad to know ur female…!!!

Yes, I’m a girl. Lol My name is Stephanie. Steph for short.

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