Say Anything O is for Orangutan

I do love my snekks especially atm I’m munching on a pink ladies apple :relieved::relieved::relieved:

But I like to be tagless.

Thanks tho :smiling_face:

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I respek dat :facepunch:

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Maybe my next profile name will be SnekBoiiiii

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With a tagline of,

Seving da snekks on de plen

Lol just playing

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@LunaNoir gets credit for this one :sweat_smile:

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I watched the first 30 min or so of Oppeinheimer. I own the movie now lol.

I used to take the short bus to school not because I qualified but because it was faster getting home. I also rode my bike to school because the bus took too long. I could beat the bus on foot. It was bad and I was in shape and fast back then.

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In other news, taylor swift is now a billionaire.

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Time moves fast! I just checked she’s a trillionaire now :smile:

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Most of my immediate family is dysfunctional in my opinion including myself. I’m the only one with schizophrenia. I have a cousin on my mom’s side with it. I guess it was destiny.

I see it more in the men than the women, but the women are really religious, I guess, and I never was. I used to wear a Richard Dawkins Foundation shirt to give people context. I was pretty controversial and combatative lol and pushed people’s boundaries and stuff to the point of trolling. I used to be a troll online especially in video games growng up, I suppose. I feel and felt bad now. I probably should have been diagnosed with NPD, but seem to have changed for the better because I was suffering with mental illness every day.

I feel like a such a failure that I can’t quit vaping.

Why does it have to be so hard ? :roll_eyes::tired_face:


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