Say Anything LXXXII 🥰


first post i hope


Today the first post, tomorrow the world, mwhahahahahahahaha, I’m mad with power!!!


@ZombieMombie. Can you please close the other thread and put a link to this one? Thank you.

back from my walk, now it’s lunch time, down to my last pizza. ive had pizza about 12 days in a row. 700 calories in one pizza. and then i eat something in the evening.

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Its 12 am here. I don’t know what needs doing. Maybe i take a second shower later.

concentration is key. Maybe the vulcans had it right. Overlly emotional and you can’t concentrate. Especially when your emotions are negative.

Hi @anon80629714, do you mind me asking why you got rid of the Apple Watch? Did you find any other disadvantages with it?

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I made myself a healthy lunch. :drooling_face: Little LED stole half my eggs, though.


I’m doing okay today. I have a virtual appointment with my pdoc today. Hopefully it goes well. I have to tell him today that I’m moving, so this will be our last appointment.


Hey pals!

Not much really going on here today. I ran downstairs to get some laundry from my Mom.

I’m planning on watching another flick later. Maybe the cult classic, Basket Case!

Stay strong friends. :hugs:


@ThePickinSkunk, Skunky! I just got through jamming on one my acoustic guitars after months of a dry spell. :blush:


@DNA I still remember going to visit Yosemite Valley many years ago with my Mom, sister and my sister’s (then) husband shortly after they were married. Her husband threw crab apples he picked up off the ground at a deer that was standing there and one of the crab apples hit the deer in the butt and it took off running. I got really pissed off at her husband and told him he was a jerk.

Many years later when my sister divorced her husband, I told her I never liked her husband. She asked why not? And I said ever since he hit the deer in the butt with a crab apple. :deer: :apple: :smile:

My sister is now happily divorced and dating a nice guy who does not throw crab apple’s at unsuspecting wildlife.


Lol, jokes.

When I used to attend large social gatherings I used to be that deer :wink:

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Better to be the deer than the ex-husband jerk. :thinking:


Lol, it’s all good.

I wouldn’t mind taking a few hits every now and then :sweat_smile:

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I don’t have an iPhone anymore at the time I had made a switch to the pixel if I remember correctly

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I finished my 7pg essay for anthropology class :slight_smile:


@Montezuma that movie is one of my favorites !! “A is fay, fee fi fay…fee fi fay fickee fi fickey fickey fi fack you.” haha



Oh, Forbidden Zone?

That one was fun, a little crazy, but fun.

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