Say Anything D is For Dragon

Just woke up about thirty minutes ago. Dont feel like sleeping, feel a little bit uneasy and want to stay awake in hopes that it is alleviated but it would be if i went to sleep. 3am after all.

Waiting for my disability payment to arrive - that could be thr cause to the unease.


I’m……. Exhausted. I don’t know what else to say.

Hope you’re all doing well


Feeling down. Upseh daiseh.

I should have gone straight to sleep after waking. I think its because i started snacking on some crisps and a glass of fruit squash. Silly move. Listening to the calmest song tho and that makes it less bad.


@ThePickinSkunk I owe you an apology! :sweat_smile:

James Wan had nothing to do with Malevolent. That movie was a Netflix production.

James’ Wan movie is titled Malignant though.

I got my “M’s” mixed up!


So I watched a pretty decent horror movie tonight titled Malevolent on Netflix. It started out really good but then near the end it kinda got all torture porny. I kinda felt like that was seriously unnecessary and a result of poor script writing.

I just ordered my free Covid tests from the post office. It’s pretty rad that they’re offering that service. :slight_smile:


Hey monte!

What’s up this late evening?


What’s happenin’ my man?!

Oh I just took my night meds about 20 minutes ago. I got a little sidetracked after my movie was over as I was doing a few things in the kitchen.

I found some powdered milk packets in our building’s break room earlier tonight. So I used 2 cups of warm water for both packets. My remaining milk that was in the fridge went bad, so I used the same plastic gallon to mix and pour my new milk in so it will chill in the frige.

Then I had to restock my orange soda and Coke supply. Haha!

How are you feeling tonight big dude?

We barely got any snow last night! Like an inch maybe.


Thanks for the reminder, I’m gonna take my night meds now. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a productive evening!

I have a slight headache but today was a chill day at home. I was tired all day but now I’m too awake. Lol. Trying to wind down some.

Starting to get in my head a bit much so group tomorrow will do me good. I overslept on today’s.

And I know hardly any snow! And most is gone now here.


Yes! Get those meds in yo system. :wink:

Thanks man! I try to stay busy throughout the day and evening.

Sorry you have a slight headache. It could just be dehydration.

I hope group will help you sort things out. I’ve always found group therapy fairly beneficial when I’ve done it in the hospital.

Haha! Yeah, most if it is melted in my area too.


It’s good to stay busy that’s for sure!

Yeah group will be good regardless cause my friend will be there too. I just need to socialize. Otherwise I get too into my head and my delusions.


Definitely big dude. You know what they say about idle hands. :crazy_face:

That’s awesome man. Really cool you have some friends in the group.

My brother used to come over a lot, but he’s going through one of his hermit phases now.


Managed to get my prescriptions refilled for BuSpar and Xanax. Feeling way better now.


Howdy folks- I’m up for now. Hoping you all are doing well :smiley:


I got an alert that I have been burning more calories and there is a positive trend!

Since I have my Apple Watch I walk at least 30 mins a day and bike on my hometrainer 30 mins as well.

Can’t wait till it’s spring and I’m able to go for my long walks again.


No one but your own thoughts are with you when experiencing paranoia. I feel so alone in this world.


Jeez, I’ve been up for two hours now, having gotten only three hours of sleep. I need to sleep, but I feel wide awake. It’s 3:28 am as I type this.

Well, I’ve been obsessively searching for the right hotel for my trip, reading reviews, which have included some real horror stories. I think I finally found the right place that’s at a good rate, just going to wait at least until later today, think on it.


Fyi there is a Gamblers Anonymous meeting three blocks from my apartment Saturday morning, and I’m going to go to it as I think I may have a gambling problem. I’m an alcoholic as well and am already going to AA meetings.


I was thinking about leaving the forum again after one of my topics was closed. I gave it an hour though, and got over it. I didn’t know it was offensive.


Do you buy a lot of lottery tickets or scratch cards? Or do you like going to the casino?

Why do you think you might have a gambling addiction? Have you talked to your pdoc about it?


I’ve had topics closed. Posts removed. Flagged.

It’s no big deal. It happens to almost everyone.


I was even flagged as a mod once :confused: .