Saw someone suggesting sharing art

So here’s some of my art. I need to draw more


Nice last one @Moon :smile:

Really good, keep it up !

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Thank you :yum: I miss taking art classes in high school

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Nice work! You have a lot of talent.

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You’re too kind!

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Wow!! Those are amazing!! Keep up the good work!!

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I love the details in the rats drawing! I’ve never seen such good pencil drawings posted on here. You ARE very talented.

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I really like the dog sketch… awesome!


Thank you guys :blush:

Wait did you put the smileys on the breast/nipples of the real pic or just to make it rated appropriately for the forum??

Either way I like that one a lot.

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I have some rats.

Excellent work! You’re skilled. Do you keep them for yourself, or sell them?

People are always looking for fine art.

I added the smileys! I have done some commissions but I havent made any art to sell but j am working on that

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I love them. We have 6. How.many do you have?

  1. I did have 12 but they started dying because they got old.

Aw I’m sorry. How old was your oldest? I have one that is almost 2.5 years and I’m getting anxious about him dying. Hes been my oldest so far. The most we had at once was 8

loss is never easy. Deoge will be 13 this September.

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All of mine have made it to 2 years.

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Nope, it doesn’t. We lost a ferret yesterday and a cat last week.

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