Saturday and Sunday are going to be busy

By chance, both these things are happening at the same weekend…
A table read where 14 actors will come together with the director some professional actors and some community actors like me
The Saturday is for my full-length play which probably now won’t happen until the latter part of next year… due to the actors great having other commitments until midle of next year

The second thing is a 20 minutes performance as a scratch night, for my second play, which is currently a 40 minute monologue, Which I would like to expand So it’s a work in progress , The scratch night is London Fringe In The Rose Playhouse, Bankside … where audience are invited to feedback… Hopefully not too brutal… But I’m expecting it to be!
That involves two hours driving two hrs train both ways … Orientating socialising greeting complementing et cetera
Might have been a chance to have a drink in the pub but now I’m not drinking so best avoided because I think I’d crack after just one water I couldn’t make more than that decision in a day
Sorry… Reciting this on my phone


Good luck! :smile:

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