Sarcosine Reduces Symptoms in Schizophrenia


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No - in the research studies its all powdered I think. But I don’t think more generally that there is any difference (generally if capsules are better or worse than powder for absorption).



Will Sarcosine make me cognitively sharper: memory, thinking and so!

Also is the mechanism enhancing NMDA only for mood. As I understand NMDA is also a street drug? So this should be similar to NMDA in that it gives more “love”.


Hi - the research suggests that it should help your cognitive abilities, but the bigger result seems to be in your mood and outward “affect”

All that I know is included on our sarcosine page here:

to learn more about what psychologists mean by “affect” - check this wiki page:

And the mechanism of action is that sarcosine and glycine seem to bind to the NMDA receptor of the brain - here is more info on that:

N0 - NMDA is not a street drug. What you are thinking of probably is Ecstacy which is also called MDMA. They sound similar but have nothing to do with each other. Here is more about that:

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I feel much better now :sweat_smile: No street drugs for me.


I’ve been taking sarcosine since November 2013. It definitely helps with motivation A LOT… I’m more motivated now than I was before the illness onset. I was hoping for more of an effect on the flat affect, but it does do something too in that regard, it makes me a bit more “fluid” in my thinking, however it did not bring back what I call “interesting emotions”. But I’ll take what I can get.

It seems to take away some of the heaviness I experience in my thought process and makes life a bit easier by making me more functional. My SANS score (survey of assessment of negative symptoms) dropped 9 points in 2.5 months.

I’d really recommend it, especially if you have motivation issues. 1 gram morning and 1 gram afternoon.



Thanks for posting your experiences with sarcosine. What medications do you take on a regular basis?

Some people wonder if the medication they are on has an impact on their success with sarcosine:

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pregnenolone sulfate. have anyone tried this.its sodium salt (CAS 1852-38-6), is a GABA A receptor all my friends do research in this if it is good then just try it…thanks @SzAdmin,@supernothing,@mottec,@erratica,@anon47866227,@mortimermouse,@unk,@MrSquirrel@firemonkey


I’m on olanzapine and cipralex(lexapro). I heard that sarcosine is not effective for people who take Clozapine since clozapine by itself affects nmda receptors.

Also wanted to mention that I did not find that sarcosine helps with anxiety… I’m just as anxious as before I started taking sarcosine.

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Yes - that is what the research says. At the same time - we have one member here who is on Clozapine and also taking 4 grams of Sarcosine a day and he says the effect has been fantastic for him - so I’m not sure what to make of that research. It seems that maybe it varies by person, or that more research needs to be done on that issue.

See this links below:


Again (as is often – or almost always – the case), I support SzAdmin’s comment here. There’s a concept in internal medicine called “aggregate accumulation” which refers to slowly constructing a pharmaceutical “cocktail” that produces the best combination of effects possible for a particular patient.

I’ve never seen a “perfect” cocktail… meaning one that "restores the pt. to ‘complete,’ ‘top of the bell curve’ functionality. But I have seen a bunch of schiz pts who were severely disabled and floridly psychotic make astonishing headway towards relative functionality even when, as in the case of one I knew they had been “born into psychosis” as the result of very early life encephalitis and had several of known schiz genomes.

If one’s psychosis is the result of a mixture of etiological causes, it’s likely that the individual progressions of the genetic, epigenetic and environmental “insults” will vary over time, requiring medicinal modifications, not only in dosage but in wholesale withdrawal from one med and replacement or up-dosage of another.

I’ve known several top-notch psychopharmacologists who almost seem to be “miracle workers” in regard to their ability to “stay with” schiz, bipolar, hysteric borderline and other psychotic pts for decades.


Hey @notmoses I really like your comments . You seem really on the ball when it comes to medical matters. Do you have formal training in that field?

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Does it work? I was thinking of trying supplements


It seems to: (click on his name below to see the full posting)


On the next few days my sarcosine will probably arrive. I will try to post it’s results every now and then. I wish more people did it, so we would really know how much it works. Anyway, good luck for me. By the way, does anyone know if amazon ships overseas? I’m thinking about purchasing some NAC from them.


so you are willing ly taking this stuff


Share your experience, please

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Also very interesting. It’s the obsessive thoughts which I would like to be able to have ease from. D x

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