Saffron (adjunct) for people with schizophrenia who have antipsychotic‐induced metabolic syndrome

A article providing data that supports saffron use for metabolic syndrom, anti-diabetes and weight loss.

Can be worth a try for those who take antipsychotics that induce weight gain.

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Is expensive stuff ! I don’t know if it helps lose weight.

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Damn, whys it so expensive. Just googled it.

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I will be taking this regulary for a while. I think 2 months was the time used for the trial in the article. I will post about my weight after 2 months. Hope it works.

Yeah. A bit expensive. You can get sixty 88mg capsules for about 30 dollars. I think 176mg was used in the trial. So 1 dollar a day. Not so expensive if you look at it that way.