Sad true story

during hurricane harvey a mother carrying her baby to safety drowned, the baby was found alive clinging to her mothers dead floating body, mission accomplished, even in death the mother kept her safe.

:sob::sob: this is so sad.

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That is very sad.

But I’m sure the mother would have no regrets.


Reminds me of lion king. How mufasa died saving simba, one day that baby is gonna do something great.

it reminds me of the song November Rain.

That’s a good example of when your time is up it’s up and when it’s not life goes on. Sad, but at the same time it’s a story of survival.

i wonder if people would pay to go to a club to hear sad love stories, like a comedy club only for sad stuff, a love club called “Love Shack”.

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here are some more sad stories.

rodney dangerfield is dead but that’s ok cause he’s in heaven finally getting respect.

john candy is probably happy he’s dead because starving children have more food now.

patrick swayze is dead, he can’t keep thugs out of the roadhouse anymore, he’s busy keeping satan out of heaven now.

on second thought it became obvious sadness increases stress.