Why Some of the Love Is Gone

There used to be a habit of some women that made loser males happy for a time. Women who were having trouble reproducing with their husbands or having trouble with their marriage period would go to the bad side of town and mate with guys who were less fortunate in life and then tell their husbands that they finally were pregnant. The husband would be fooled and they’d raise the baby together while the real father either was ignored or maybe received updates or something. Two things have made that less likely: IVF, and DNA testing. Now women can find a way to more easily have babies, and suspicious husbands can check if they are really daddies. So fellows if you are broke and alone this Valentine’s Day wondering what could have been remember that in the past you’d be just a lonely guy who got some in the past rather than a guy who maybe never got any. Either way you;d be alone tomorrow. And if you were born to older parents please don’t think about it too much.


Too funny and a good read lol.

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I think it’s sad, not funny.

Sorry i didnt mean to offend you. Its just i interprated things differently. I thought he was looking on the brighter side of things really lol.

The love only seems to be gone… because some folk are afraid of it and wish it never existed in the first place…

It’s impossible to actually kill. It’s also impossible to keep the shallow miscreants from making the most noise out of denial… as they cling to pathetic tendrils of happiness… Lucky for them that kind of superficiality actually satisfies…

Lord knows there is more to life than anything bought with ignorance. Ignorance is complacency… and the devil plays the complacent first.

I am just excited that my daughter is getting a singing Valentine from a “friend” this year. He seems sweet; he went to her birthday party but was allergic to her bunny. She is 18. She deserves a bit of happiness after all that she’s been through.

As for the original post, I am not sure if it is sad or satirical. I’m kind of scratching my head on this one. Any enlightenment, OP?

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