'Sad songs they say..' nah, I like a different Elton tune

It was 2002-2004, I was prodromal, and dealing with a quarter life crisis…

Also I was coming off my first real job where I stewed in feelings and thoughts of guilt for being an office flirt. As for THAT, the real culprit was always paranoia, and me trying to hide in plain sight with regard to the pretty girl. Ask me questions on this, and I can answer them.

Afterwards, I joined the volunteer Fire Department on Main Street(it didnt work out but I quit elegantly I believe and can back it up.) I also spent a lot of money on ballroom dance lessons at a studio not far away on Main Street.

I learned that Elton’s song where he croons “I simply love you; more than I love life itself”, (which is a Foxtrot I think), is the capturing and or embodiment of my relationship with love.

In my life, I’ve always (to date anyway) “put my second best foot, forward first.” For credibility I think.

Anyway this is not a sad story; everything I’ve done outside of office life, is and are the stuff I’m most proud of.

I don’t know.

In college I’d get Soused Von Kroused on Genesee Cream Ales listening to “Rocket Man”.

A real true blitzkrieg

Ahh “I simply love you; more than I love life itself”, I find that lyric to be beautiful too!

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“Candle in the Wind” is cool. Especially the version for Princess Diana.

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For some reason every used CD player I purchase seems to come with an Elton John CD in it that I have to toss. He’s a one man plague.

Elton is a talented man. He’s music is fantastic. Rocket man is a favourite of mine.

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@ozymandias - just so I know, we’re still talking about Elton John, right?

I guess taste is subject. ; )

Yes. I can’t stand him and I can’t seem to avoid him. I have a running argument with a friend who runs a greatest hits station. He wants me to install the app for his station. Problem: The app only plays one station, his. There’s no way to jump to a different station quickly if he plays a song I don’t like, namely anything by Elton John. He refuses to exorcise Elton from his music library and I therefore refuse to install his app.


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I overheard a store clerk once say ‘Crocodile Rock’ was his least favorite song of all songs out there. Funny I can’t get into that one either.

I’m actually not an expert on him but do want to see the movie ‘Rocket Man’ someday. (I have trouble taking in new stuff.)

Pretty cool about your radio station work. Is it live? Historically I have trouble ‘thinking on my feet’ but I also want to reality test that more bc I think I’m improving in a lot of ways.

I’m definitely through the worst parts of Sz and it’s getting better due to aging. I’ll be 42 in January.

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