Elton John & Billy Joel

I can’t listen to them anymore because they make me think of past/failed relationships.

I will NEVER listen to Dave Matthews with a girl though. I’d like to not ruin that one…

What are some others that are worth not ruining?


Maybe it’s cheesy but I’m a fan of ‘Tequila’ by Dan & Shay. It was on terrestrial radio about two years ago around the holidays.

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Gotye “some that I used to know “ reminds me a girl I would have stalked if I knew how to find her. I was in the midst of my psychotic break when that somg came out.

That’s another one I f’d up…

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Elton John is a tough one. I like ‘rocket man’ and dislike ‘crocodile rock’. Those two are opposites to me.


Dude that song hurt me as well bc that was the time of my one time psychosis(2012). Radio beat that song to death. It turned me into the truffle shuffle kid from goonies as in confessing everything I did since the first grade

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Probably most people have listened to Dave M. With a girl though.

So this may be kind of a weird read for them…

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I don’t have so many relationship examples. One girl I was serious for tried to make ‘Lover lay Down’, her thing. It IS a great song. He has a great voice.

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Yes. That’s where I was going with this thread.

Lots of great songs you don’t want to ruin, but GREAT music to listen to with a ‘special’ friend.

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Thanks I’m glad to know I did the opposite of hijacking your thread.

Yes this was a girl who wanted to be an actress, funny was she was using me as a prop to make her ex jealous. A silver lining is she was a good photographer… I have some nice photos of myself. I forgive her so much, she didn’t kick me to the curb immediately ,which had she done so I would have had more of a complex.

This was 1998 we would listen to harvest moon album by Neil young to fall asleep. Guys in the room as well to better describe the situation.

I was happiest in high school(all boys; camaraderie; and having college on the horizon. Can you relate to that any of that?

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Yeah, Neil Young is another I don’t want to screw up. Thanks for the heads up.

In ‘98 I was a sophomore in HS. Smoking WAY too much grass, and dropping out of a school where the college admission rate was like 90%.

I do remember one social worker pulled me aside when I stopped going to school and asked, “do you have voices in your head telling you not to go to class?” I played it off like I was just lazy, but in reality I was having running internal dialogue telling me to “go man, just go.” So I always left after third period and hung around in the parking lot.

Man, THAT would have been a good time to start meds… I bet I’d be working if I started treatment @ 16 years old…

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That’s funny. I never came down with voices but that would have been an acute type of wake up call. My math teachers just passed me along and I had actually initially tested into the super honors class.

I threw all my energy into my physique and that was the last thing to go. Age 25. It’s hard being mental in a mental world. (This info age).

Funny I pegged you as older than me ; ). I have a friend named mike v in real life too.

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