Sabbath peace

especially to our jewish members here. it starts tonight (friday nights) and runs into saturday until sundown.

after a busy week especially the sabbath brings peace and a special feeling.



what can you do on the sabbath?

Not supposed to work, but can do certain things like Jesus said, mainly stuff to help people, or just relax and enjoy yourself, take a break from the weeks toils…

Midsummer Eve, summer solstice is also on a Sabbath day this year…Solstice occurs at 5:51 AM Saturday June 21…

So you can have a bonfire and celebrate…

That is kind of a double Sabbath, in the year '14 (7 & 7) - 77

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wow, so are you having a bonfire? with fireworks and things?

do you light candles on a menorah and say a prayer?

I may have a bonfire this year…no fireworks… prayers, yes…I just talk with them daily anyways…

It will be both a Christian Sabbath and Faerie Sabbath on the same day this year.

whats a fairie sabbath? i havent ever heard of that before and i didnt know christians had sabbath either

sounds like fun, we should all have a party haha

i can go to the synagogue to pray. we eat delicious meals. we can sing sabbath songs. we try to read if we can concentrate. in the summer we take walks.

in the long summer days it can drag towards midday until it ends. reading helps along. judy

are you both from israel? just wondering

I’m from the US… family Native American and Irish-Scots.

A Faerie Sabbath is an old celebration, Midsummers eve being one of them. I honor both as a Christian and descendant of the Fae.

sounds like a pagan ritual thing maybe white witchish.

interesting lol

It is mainly…but “pagan” really only means a country dweller who is close to nature. I’ve gotten in trouble by saying Jesus was a pagan in that he often went to the country outside the city, loved nature, and used natural elements in his teachings and in healing sometimes…
Unlike some people I don’t worship faeries or spirits, only God. So my relationship with them is more friends, or rather, family. My Scottish ancestors trace their roots back to the faerie race, and I did the genealogy of it, so it’s in the blood too.
My late wife also had it.

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daydreamer, hi. I was born in the Detroit area and have lived in this area most of my life.

how about you?


i’m in the uk, up north.

Does that mean Scotland?

Now how did you never hear of the Faerie Sabbath if you live there? that’s where it all started…Ireland, Scotland, England…

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idk why i havent heard of it lol its a mystery haha

i think they’ve been keeping those fairies under wraps haha

You have to kind of look for them…there’s plenty online. Occasionally there will be a notice posted publicly if they are having a faerie fest…

See, you just missed one

Here’s a bunch

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looks good haha,

it might be a good place to pick up a date but i would be worried about those horns and i wouldn’t want to break anyones wings lol

idk what i would wear lol anyway those are all down in England,

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Good Sabbath to all! I would LOVE to be able to do that! I work nights. Can`t remember the last time I did a Sabbath;(
Such a good way to end a hectic week and slide into SAT. with nothing to do. All rested up.

Couldn’t find any in Scotland…wonder why? There must be. I don’t think you’d get horned, haha. Might have to be careful with the wings but they aren’t all delicate.
these people seem to do ok…

And that shalt rest from thine work for two days, sometimes three days depending on whatdst holiday it is’st and when you shalt call out sick to partieth.

Thou shalt go forth and hangeth out with thine friends, thoust shalt usually drinketh much, more than thine fill, and seeketh out the finest poon-tangeth you can layeth your handseth on-eth.