Once again it is my sabbath eve

sometimes I feel almost recovered. and when it is almost Sabbath for me, like now, I feel more relaxed and able to handle life as it comes.

I am under much stress at work and the peace of Sabbath brings as always relief for me. at night I look at my candles burning as well as my mom’s and it is very beautiful to see.

keep getting more and more well and i’ll hope to be with you after my Sabbath ends tomorrow night.

Sabbath peace, judy


I always envied Jewish people for their candles.

I like Jewish people. Some of my old friends from high school are Jewish. Well, one close friend is. My psychiatrist is Jewish too. Good nice people, virtuous people. I also have a few belts in Krav Maga, you guys know how to kick ass.

I think Judaism is cool, I am not very supportive of the other big religions; Buddhism is really a philosophy, not a religion.

@ifeelblessed that sounds so wonderful. I am glad you get peace from the Sabbath eve. much love.

Good Sabbath Judy!

hi again. thanks for your kind replies. I love you guys too.


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