Rumour or Fact: Use Brain Less = Die Earlier


I have heard that it is beneficial for us especially the elderly to get involved in activities and use their brain more. Is it rumour or fact claiming that those who use brain less will have higher chance of fatalities?


I hope its not right,i use my brain not so much,if its a fact I would die early…hopefully its a rumuor…


supposedly you ward of dementia through using your brain/mind more…but you also have to exercise your muscles.
death is inevitable, die like a warrior.
take care :alien:


People who have some mind illness such as dementia may lengthen their active lives by using their brain more and by doing some brain exercising such as playing cards. The longer their brain is functional and active, the longer time they may survive and live happily.


About the elderly, as one ages the mental faculties of an aging individual remain the same. An elderly person can live to be a hundred and cognitively react and act brilliantly.

Forms of dementia are not part of a normal aging process.


Yea,exercising is important too,as important as mental health,luckily I work out and play sports


There can be numerous reasons why a human’s brain functioning may deteriorate, one is lack of sleeping as I experienced when I lived over two years in my auto in America which made me to start calculating and multiplying big numbers together, I know that the card playing (poker for example) helps elderly people to keep their mind active and prevent any deterioration.