Rumors that Putin's cancer might end the war in Ukraine

I’m posting this because I think it affects us all. Don’t mean to take sides.


Maybe he is unconsciously taking the easiest way out for him.

It is on my mind constantly.

Almost my number one issue in life right now.

He’s travelling in armoured trains from what I’ve seen so either way it’s a shiteshow. You’d think that all those who’ve a lot to gain from interaction with the West would be losing billions. It’s funny how money talks in the modern world…

Did he know he had cancer when he invaded?

What kind of cancer does he have and is it advanced?

@LittleMissSlothy ,@agent101g, I don’t know any details.


Yet another man faced with his own mortality.

I strongly feel this is the reason why so many wars start.


Getting China on side would probably end the Ukraine war.

no politics on here so tey say

Pretty sure we can at least mention it unless we take sides or get into arguments but I could be wrong.

Very well put. My dad always says, no matter how powerful you are, how rich, how much you have worth in society, death will always knock on your door. No one surpasses time and age, we are all under its reign.

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Hes a man with nothing to loose then jn taking down everyone else with him.

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John Donne has said death is simply bound by fate and desperate men, and good people will gain eternity and happiness. Putin has called his death upon himself. I really hope he considers his health and end the war, which displaced my friend’s family (now in Poland).

Well he had a dream of reforming the USSR, and having such a diagnosis would explain his haste. It’s would be a tragedy if that’s the only reason for the war.

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