Rowing. another business idea and hobby

a couple years ago i got the idea to take up rowing on the river, maybe even start a rowing club. you see a few kayaks on the river and pleasure boaters, as well as the coal barges, but never any rowers.

i also thought maybe i could manufacture lightweight rowing skiffs as a business. it was just a crackpot idea, and it would probably go bust, but i would have little competition selling them here. my uncle used to manufacture speed boats when he was young and that kinda gave me the idea. it’s so hard to kayak somedays, and rowing is more of a total body workout. don’t know why it has never caught on here. probably because most here would have no enthusiasm for something so physical. maybe i wont ever start that business, but i may take up rowing to stay in shape and to get out in nature.


I’ve only ever using rowing machines but used to love them, being in nature and getting good exercise is great. Maybe go for it could be a good thing. Plus you can market it as eco friendly because there is no engine or exhausts.

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yeah i was going to say it’s kinda green energy. just a little sweat off your brow.

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