Rotisserie chicken and glazed donuts

Umm yeah, that was my dinner


A legit dinner right there :grin:

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I had rotisserie chicken the other day.
It was delicious!

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I used to cook those rotisserie chickens when i worked in the Walmart deli. They are pretty good. We certainly sold a lot of them.

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I would love a dinner like that! I think I’m stuck reheating :pizza: though.

You had me on glazed donuts!

Tonight, at the piano concert VIP reception, I am having raw veggies and ranch dressing, also dip, plus chips, and a delicious chicken and gravy dish, also an equally delicious pork meatball and gravy dish, along with sparkling white wine. Everybody is sitting around at crowded tables and I’m sitting at a big table all alone and perfectly happy.
Two people just joined me and they are completely ignoring me. Even when I put my phone away. But when two young women came to the table, these guys both stood up and gave them their total attention. Now, those girls are ignoring them. People are weird.


Dangit I was so busy reading over my posting that I burnt my :pizza: :open_mouth:


Pasta. Sweet potato with butter substitute and Splenda brown sugar. Yeah, there’s Splenda with brown sugar.

And life gave me pastas so I made lemonade. You just gotta have a positive outlook.

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