Can I hear a cluck cluck?

Yes you heard it here first, ladies and gentlemen.
A delicious rotisserie chicken is on the menu!
Alongside this hen is potato wedges making a perfect marriage of taste.
Clucketti cluck :poultry_leg: :rooster:


I love potato wedges. They make big ones at gas station diners down in Southern U. I used to eat large orders of them.

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oh man !! so good…we always get a rotisserie chicken on pay day since you can’t buy it with food stamps…


I love rotisserie chicken! I buy one almost every week. They’re perfect for all kinds of meals. I hate cooking chicken, and for the price it’s totally worth it.

I do a lot of chicken ceasar salad with them.


My kids love the wedges

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Usually we do rotisserie chicken and wedges once a month.


For the leftover chicken I most often debone it and throw the freezer to make soup with at a later date.


My neighbors invited me to a R chiggin picnic on sweet rolls about two weeks ago. They had half the chicken gone but they tell me to eat up cuz they will throw the rest out. :thinking:? Gosh that’s prime soup material there. Haha.


Chicken Little in da house man!

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