RIP Norm Macdonald

He died on September 14th. If you haven’t seen his comedy, you’re really missing out. Great stand-up, and a great talk show guest.


Oh wow, I had no idea. Not that old either. That’s sad.

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Very young…remember him on SNL…not that I was a fan of that show but seen my fair share of them!~

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Leukemia. Very talented comedian. So very sad.


I heard about this when they announced it.

So sad.

He was a real talent.


That’s sad. I remember him on SNL, and he’s been on Just for Laughs several times


I had to Google him as Twitter was going nuts and I had no idea who he was.

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Another legend unfortunately being smeared not even a week after his death.
His afterlife will be filled will exotic delights and and a stage of always filled seats.
Unless of course he decides he needs a break lol

I heard about this the day it happened, it was all over the news up here because he is Canadian. The bit about Germany from that clip you posted from The David Letterman show was hilarious :rofl:.

I’ve been watching Norm for a long time, I remember him on SNL back in the day.

61 is too young


This popped up on my Twitter feed, thought he made a good point. I don’t know this person so I blurred out his personal info…


Hmm. . .

Unexpected To Say The Least.

I’ve Seen Clips Or Actually Seen His Bit On SNL As A Youthful Individual.

Many Other Comedians From Saturday Night Live Are Atrociously Vibrant With Life.

Strangely Enough, Him And, ‘Dennis Miller’, Go Hand In Hand.

Not To Mention The Guy From The Band, ‘The Lonely Island’.

And!, ‘Bill Murray’. Life Aquatic Anyone?.

N e Hoo. . .

Death Never End’s.

And The Show Must Go On (!!!).

:purple_heart: :blue_heart: :purple_heart:

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