Who is your favorite comedian

I liked a comedian around 9 years ago, so I forgot his name. I’m going to try to find him on the internet. Oh, I remember his name, it is Demetri Martin.

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He’s been dead for a few years now but George Carlin is one of my favorite comedians. I didn’t always agree with all of his material but he was generally pretty funny.

" If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhea…does that mean that 1 enjoys it?" - George Carlin

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Doug Stanhope’s a pretty funny guy for sure.

…Kinda black humor for some, but great nonetheless.

And Bill Hicks is awesome when I’m in the mood to hate everything, lolllls.

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They’re all dead !

Bill Hicks,
Patrice O’Neal
Mitch Hedberg


Ahhhh Patrice!

So funny!

“Elephant in the Room” is outstanding.

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Just gonna leave this here:

…It ain’t for everyone :upside_down_face:.


Jasper Carrott
Jimmy Carr
And that American woman who sounds like a peacock.

Oh, and Dave Attell is awesome as well.

I don’t have a favorite comedian. But my favorite comedy series is Santa Clarita Diet.

HILARIOUS. And gory. The characters are just the best. Great acting. Amazing show.

I highly recommend it. It’s on Netflix, although I don’t know if it’s on there at this exact moment.

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Oh I like that one too, and she makes a great zombie. 😵‍💫

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Wanda Sykes is good.


I really liked Jerry Seinfeld growing up.

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I like Dylan Moran a lot. I also enjoy Dane Cook

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The late Sam Kinison. George Carlin – also passed – is the runner up.

I grew up on Dave Chappelle

Although so did so many people of my generation

So I was surprised no one said it

But yeah he was the one :point_up: For me


Tim and Eric, from the Awesome Show, Great Job.


George Carlin was a very smart comedian, he was one of my favorites.

Today I like Dave Chappelle

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I came on here to say Tim Heidecker,

I see you’ve beaten me to it.

My sister went to see him live once, she said her girlfriend and her were the only ones laughing.

Everyone else was confused.

I don’t know why you would go to a show like that if you don’t enjoy the humor,

But anyway,

They got to hang out with him after the show and said he was super sweet and humble.

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