Riding bicycle

I have been riding my bicycle a lot. Today probably 15 km, about 10 miles a day. In European big cities it is common that people ride bicycles. What about you?

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I haven’t been on a bicycle for ages. I really can’t remember the last time I was on one. For a while my balance was so off that I couldn’t ride a bike and now I don’t have one and even used in my city they are expensive. People buy old bikes in thrift shops and get them all fixed up so thrift shops charge a lot for an old bike.

I do have my skateboard though.

I have stopped all car driving and now I bicycle every day. Used bikes in my little town cost 50 euros, 65 dollars, and new ones can be bought at 200 or less euros, 260 or less dollars. I have a good Jupiter bicycle and I got it at discount a couple of years ago. It was 180 euros. I usually have my backpack with me. Of course, really good bikes may cost a lot, but I am happy with my bike.

I have a funny bicycle story. Back in January 2000 I drove my Mazda 626 from Atlanta to Miami Beach. I had my bicycle on the rear rack of this automobile. When I arrived at Miami Beach, I decided to go and see the sunrise. I parked my auto in one parking lot and went to see the sun. I was away just five minutes and during these minutes one pickup truck man had stolen my bicycle and left the parking lot. I saw him, but he already had left. I suppose he liked stealing other people’s bicycles. This was my first lesson that I learned about Miami and Miami Beach. After this I lived over 780 days in my auto there and elsewhere.

Back in 2001 when I lived in my auto in Miami I often visited the campus of S-Florida International University and somebody had left a bike with a flat tire there and I observed it for few weeks and nobody came and got it. So I decided to take it and repaired its flat tire and took it to Key West where I rode around the town. Later I rode in Miami Beach. I concluded that it was abandoned. Later, I left it somewhere in Miami so that somebody else could enjoy the ride.

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I’ve not rode a bike for about 36 -37 years. Even then i only did so around the village where i lived, where there wasn’t much traffic. I couldn’t cope with making decisions to navigate round traffic in a more built up/crowded area. It took till i was nearly 14 to ride a bike because of poor balance.

In my city, there are good trails, off-road and paved for bikers, but riding on the streets is suicidal here, my city has the worst drivers in the country, I bet. I started my fitness obsession when I was 16 with a hybrid road-trail bike, but then I became anorexic and rode for hours a day, which was unhealthy.

Now I go to a powerlifting gym, it keeps me at a robust bodyweight and is a very structured and challenging activity. It requires a strict diet, a disciplined supplement and hydration regiment, lots of sleep and a burning desire to lift heavy weights. The sport is a good fit for me, I have tried my hand at several different sports and activities, and this is my favorite. Ive been a bodybuilder, a martial artist, a runner, a cyclist, but powerlifting makes me feel incredible. I am taking night classes this semester, so I dont have enough time now, but I will be joining the competitive team at my gym this summer (they train at night), I had personal training by one of its top ranking members so I would know how to train on my own in the meantime.

When I was in my 20’s I developed quite a cycling habit. I once rode to a town about 30 miles away and back. I haven’t ridden in years as my body’s gone out of shape. Since I have never really been allowed to drive the bike rides were the closest thing I had to a sense of freedom. Unfortunately towards the end of the day I had to go back home. I also had some sense of freedom from walking long distances. Unfortunately I developed foot problem and now can’t walk further than a half-mile without risking significant foot pain. The foot doctor explained that I have plantar (not sure how to spell the other name but it;s something like fasciitis)
and that my feet were misshapen and that walking any appreciable distance at all would cause pain. Before then I could walk 10-15 miles and have nothing more than blisters. At least at this apartment I see people who can’t walk at all and think how lucky I really am that there’s medicine to calm my mind and although I can’t walk very far at least I still can walk.

In this winter I have ridden my bicycle less, because it has been a little colder than the last winter was and it has also snowed more. I did ride my bicycle few days ago when there was 10cm snow on the ground/trail, it was quite hard to do. Well, must wait still few months to have more bicycling.

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Glad to hear you enjoy bike riding. Over there you folks do it!!!

I rode my cannondale mountain bike to work everyday and to the store–using the bike cart. Because I ran 6 miles everyday and would spend near 2 hours to commute to work, I messed up my acid/base system (by not taking enough in for all of that activity.) I am working on correcting my acid/base system, which I nearly have.

I loved it, loved it, loved it. And I did not have nearly the scenery you have!

I rode that cannondale all year round. I was bundled up well and the energy to ride the bike kept me decently warm. I had a few co-workers ground me though, when my lights were not working.