Rich schizophrenic kids


There is a guy that goes into my mom’s store alot of the time, he’s schizophrenic also.

His family has money. Last time he was in town he gambled his butt off but had a safety net, rich parents, money. Not only did he lose everything that was provided for him he simply packed up his stuff and flew across country back home, lucky guy to say the least.

How wonderful it would be to have a safety net, people with money who won’t let you die.

How nice it must be. I know if i gambled there would be nothing there to save me, i don’t even think what i have now is going to last, i honestly think that i may end up homeless and forced to end it, it’s already happened three times actually.

Spoiled little rich schizophrenic kids. I must say that im a bit jealous, which i have every right to be.


I would like to talk to him though, about the shadow person he saw, i saw one also, a couple of people on youtube did as well.

Apparently alot of sane people see them as well.

I would like to talk with him about that.


It would be nice to have a safety net. I have to watch every penny and probably will the rest of my life. I hope you don’t end up homeless. Look into some government programs maybe or section 8??? I know it’s hard on low income. :frowning: