Rich clones invade the polo!


the polo is on at the gold coast…it is classy up there…!!
the V.I.P. marquees’ look like a set from a ralf lauren catalogue, and are filled to the brim with silicone.
there is more silicone in there them tents than silicone valley itself…
mostly it is the ’ ladies ’ ( i use that word, but the truth is quite different…! )
they are on average 65 years old with butt implants, breast implants, faces tighter than a trapoline, lips bigger than mick jagger ( is that even possible !?! ).
this is how my nieces describe them !!
the other word they use is ’ scary '…!
they wear tight , and i mean tight clothes, and lots of white and gold.
they stand round sipping ’ moet ’ all day, and nibbling on truffles…too much money , very little taste.
take care



Halloween is early this year?



Wise words on plastic surgery.



that was really funny…i watched quite a few…it is amazing what comedians can get away with !!
take care