Why, oh why?


the 11th world annual nude cycling event happened yesterday in portland…why ?
it is for a good cause , but still…why ?
is lycra not revealing enough…?
it must be quite uncomfortable on the said bikes but also uncomfortable for people watching…
PLEASE PEOPLE keep your f… lycra on !! that is not bad enough…!?!

clothes keep the mystery intact…!!
i am off to the kitcken to poke my eyes out…ouch…ouch…ouch…ouch…
take care


Lol awesome. I want to join when I am really old. They should sell eye poking sticks for charity.


I haven’t been to the one in Portland. But the one in my town is June 21, summer solstice parade. So many of them are so heavily body painted, they don’t look naked. Which is cool to see all the creativity


that is cool , unfortunately the other people in portland where not as young and regretably not painted !?!
take care


now I have to wash my eyeballs with soap.