Rich and famous

Do you think that if you were rich and famous you can get better treatment and medication

Probably not. The meds are what they are, and that’s the best thing we have.

I am not a fan of therapy, but I guess if you had loads of money you could get better quality psychology.


In Australia, all treatment is almost free. Even the poorest person can afford the same meds as the richest. However, being able to afford rent gives richer folk a clear advantage over the person that doesn’t even get enough for housing on disability benefits. There is a housing crisis in Australia, making the rent very high…

No. But I’d have a good time with all that money!

As too treatment. I’d pay what i get for free anyways so it’s a moot point!

Not for schizophrenia. There are some non-standard treatments like tDCS which can cost a lot but they’re not exactly cures, since you have to keep doing it for results.

Jake Lloyd as a child actor played young darth vader in Star wars the phantom menace. So he’s famous.

But… According to wikipedia:

On June 17, 2015, Lloyd was arrested in South Carolina for reckless driving, driving without a license, and resisting arrest.[1][11][12][13] After serving a 10 month jail sentence, Lloyd was transferred from jail to a psychiatric facilityafter he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.[14

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I don’t think being rich and famous would help. It would just be an even higher height to fall from.

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Rich but not famous, possibly. I could afford PETs , CBD, and rTMS, and the best doctors.

The thing about being rich and famous is you get better doctors that will try extra hard to get you well

I don’t think I could find a better pdoc. Medical dr I could definitely find a better one if I was wealthy.

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