Rhubes, moon and ninja close my account. Goodbye everyone!

@Rhubot, @Moonbeam & @ninjastar could you please delete/anonymise my account. I feel I have served my time here and want to move on. I am certain I don’t want a break period. For sure want my account closed.

Nooooo!!! I don’t want to! I will miss you so much. If you’re sure, I’ll do it, but only after everyone has had a chance to say goodbye.

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I’m going to miss you, man!

I’m sorry to see you go…

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Aw crap … :frowning_face:

Wait, what? April’s fool in October? No way I’m gonna believe that…

Jimbob even if you recovered completely, we would still love to have you around.

Or maybe you’re going through a low patch, we all do sometimes. Have you asked for @anon84763962 's opinion? I know you two are best friends.

Anyhow I’m gonna miss you if you do leave. Hugs. :hugs:

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WHOA! WTF? You gotta do what’s best for you, we’ll keep in touch no matter what, but wow!


Make sure this is the decision you want. I wish you the best @Jimbob you are my friend :cry: :crying_cat_face:

Oh my gosh everyones leaving :disappointed:

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It’s an ever revolving door but lately seems more people leaving than coming. I miss Arturo and ish a lot


Please @ninjastar could you close my account now?

I love you @Jimbob , you’re a dear friend.
Please stay on.

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How do you feel @Jimbob?
Are you doing okay?

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Maybe take a break from here but do you have to delete your account?
You will be sorely missed @Jimbob.

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Thanks for the king messages guys. I spend an unhealthy amount of time here and I just want a clean break. Will miss you all.


Wish you all the best @Jimbob! :sunflower:


jimbob tell me before you go, have you got your urinary issue under control. Did you see a doctor and get tests done…

Good luck Jim bob, may the Scottish weather not get you down.

Why delete the account? why not just leave and possibly come back in a year or whatever? you don’t have to post.

What is this thing where everyone deletes their accounts?


You know what this is everyone? It’s my cursed perfume. I wore it everyday at work last week and every day was bad news and stress. And I am wearing it again today and this happens.

Balenciaga rosabotanica … steer the hell clear of it.


Take care of yourself, man. Hope you do wonderfully and never need this place again, but I wouldn’t mind seeing you around if you do.

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Hey @anon84763962 B haven’t seen you around much how are you doing?