Lithium Newbie

Hello guys! Just wanted to check in with my second family.

Well I’m not going to go into details but I had some pretty bad mood fluctuations during the past 3 days. Ended up destroying myself and other things. It seems that Effexor never worked for me because I was always depressed and hypomanic still. Abilify works like a charm for the voices.

So my pdoc prescribed me Lithium for a change since I’ve tried 4 other antidepressants that never worked. I was diagnosed schizoaffective bipolar type last year but was never in a mood stabilizer because I had more depressive episodes.

I’m kind of scared to try it though. I hear it’s a pretty tough med what with all the blood tests and risk of toxicity. But I’m hoping I can find a stable ground without going up and down.

Also, I’m proud to announce that right now, at this moment, I am starting my caffeine detoxification. I’ve had a dependence on it since my eating disorder began. I talked to my therapist to make a plan for it. I’m pretty confident in this.

Lastly, I’m still struggling with meals. It’s difficult to take Ensure Plus because of obsessive thinking. Anyway, how are y’all doing?

Bumping this thread to say that Lithium seems to be working!!! :slight_smile:


That’s great that it’s working for you :blush:. I have bipolar-type sza as well, and I took lithium for years. It worked great for me as a mania blocker, but I always needed an antidepressant in addition to it. A lot of people who take it get benefits in terms of controlling both mania and depression, though, and I am glad you are one of them.

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Good news, @Sunshine! I hope it continues to help you.

I read about a spring once in Ireland, where traditionally people suffering from mental health problems would go, drink the waters, stay a while, and regain their sanity. It was considered one of those holy, blessed places.

Then analysis was done on the waters and the earth surrounding, and it was found to be rich in naturally occurring lithium. Lithium has been helping people for a long time.


I’m glad it is working for you! I hope it continues. How is the caffeine detox going? Mr. Star periodically goes through a detox, whenever he realizes he’s drinking way too much coffee every day. It seems to be hell for about a week, then it balances out.

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