Researchers awarded $3 million to study neural dynamics of mental disorders


It says mood disorders. Will schizophrenia be included? Did they just not name it?

“We will use this powerful new set of tools to study dynamics within and between schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and autism spectrum disorder,” said Calhoun. “Preliminary evidence suggests these developed approaches will be more sensitive to the complexities of brain disorders.”


At first,in the case, if you belief that the Sz condition in its basic nature is a mental illness !
It is understood that ,the disease or illness is a change in the basic inherited structure (component ),which in turn leads to the functional disorder which in turn lead to the inner suffering or the symptoms that can be diagnosed by the external observer

Therefore,in order to say the sz is mental illness,you should know the main change which occurs in the basic structure of the phenomenon that you call it the mind (mental) ?
This means that,before the searching for a change in shape of the organic brain,size …etc at first ,you should prove that there is a change in the mind’s structure itself !!

What is the change that occurs in the mind’s structure and precedes the functional disorder /symptoms outputs and causes both of them ?
In sums,what is the mind and the change that has been occurred in its basic structure and causing the disorder /symptoms ?

After you answer our questions and tell us what is the change that occurs in the basic structure of the mind and becomes a natural part of its structure for unknown period of time

We ask you the following question;
What is the nature of the mutational factor who is induces the changing in the mind’s structure and creates the sz condition as a mental illness or else ?
( an anatomical factor,genetic ,psychological or environmental stimuli …etc)

In the case,if you do not know the change that occurs in the mind’s structure you will fail to find any mutational factor support your theoretical assumptions !! and you will see