Scientists awarded $52 million NIH grant to study schizophrenia cause and effect


will take a century …

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Instead of learning the cauae how about invest in new and better medication?

That is great. I actually like that they look deeper, to the causes, and not just to superficially treating symptoms with meds.


The cause of Schizophrenia is trauma + guilt + recklessness + epiphany that it wasn’t your fault = healing

There. Now just give me the 52 million dollars, please.


Just look into the virus aspect. And no we will never get any money.

If the medical community now (2020) give’s a scholarship to the scientists to study the cause and effect
the questions
1- About what the researchers of the last century were studying ,saying or publishing ?
-Was talking about the symptoms,what people with sz do or don’t do during their life, the result of drugs effects And publication irrelevant researches that does not target the cause and its effect

2- what is the benefit of thousands of research papers published here or in the national media ?

  • to provide cultural information to the general public on the brain chemistry that associated with the mental processes in persons without sz ,and the suggestion of causal (fictitious ) relationship between it and sz and its symptoms !

The next researches ,if all things go correctly ,will end in discovering the truth that the things be called hallucinations is the existence cause of sz condition and the executive cause for its symptoms from A to Z- literally as I said before or as i say now

Now,I feel with satisfaction,because i see the emergence of a new generation of scientists begin to study the sz seriously (from the head) as i was writing during the past years in this forum

The first step is to determination the nature of the sz’s nature before anything ,which supposed to be corresponded with the existential features of the new things that be felt by the person with sz !!

i wish there was a pool full of 52 million dollars in coins like that giant pool of gold coins in duck tales that uncle scrooge swims in :smiley:


If they know the actual cause,for many reasons your money will be increased !
Existing treatment methods will not change,or be dispensed with or even look for alternative to it

They will treatment the symptoms of sz without saying it is a symptoms of genetic disease (inherited) or symptoms of mental illness (acquired ) ,because they will find that the actual cause is not rooted from the genetic material /functions or from the psychological components / functions

The change is in the commitment to using the drugs for specific period of time (4 weeks,8,12 or 3 months ,6 or 12 ) and not prolonging them as mach as possible ,that is to avoid side effect of the medication !
AND prolonging the period of psychological CARE as mach as possible to avoid the risk of attempting to kill oneself,other or death be error caused by the bad effectiveness of sz pathogen (specially if the meds is off)

And the person gets to know the experiences of the ex-ant and benefit from them to learn what to do and what not do,taming the self to bear the problems of sz…etc

in the other side,there is no classical virus for sz ,even if the sz condition is similar to the parasitical condition (the cause is not self-origin or self-function ) and irrelevant both of the genetic disease or mental illness

There are many mistakes in the current scientific work related the sz ,must be corrected before studying the nature of sz’s nature (existentialism characteristics ),the cause structure,the functional characteristics ,the modes of effectiveness,its targets in the human host,the results of effect …etc

for example,the terms of “schizophrenia”, “Hallucinations” , "psychosis " .the names of symptoms …etc must be corrected

Mind-brain divorce (schizophrenia in meaning)
Nothing like this happens in the theater of internal processes (theoretically or practically),it just a personal impressions of the outside observer that does not corresponding the actual events of sz

Presumably choosing one word that is rooted from the English language instead of the word "schizophrenia " (moving away from choosing binary terms )

So that all the usual linguistic vocabulary can be derived from it such as the present verb,the past,the subject and object…etc
It is accepted to add letters at the beginning of the word or at the end

Add letters like (x -ing, x-tion,-x-ed ,x-ent , x-al, -x-lly , x-ness, x-or , x-er ,x-s , and many more

The article says it’s a 2 year study with about 1,000 clinical high risk patients.

There must be more than that for 52 million? Maybe not? these things are expensive.

Anyway, looks like they are trying to develop biomarkers for what meds/treatments work for whom.

ProNET will test whether data-driven variation in these biomarkers can be used to predict individual clinical trajectories and select individual patients most likely to benefit from specific treatments.

I wish the scientists stop acting like they actually care about us. They want to ■■■■■■■ TORTURE US. THEY DON’T CARE! NO ONE CARES! THEY JUST WANT THE MONEY AND FAME.


â– â– â– â–  YOU. â– â– â– â–  MYSELF AND â– â– â– â–  SOCIETY.

1-All symptoms are treatable,regardless the identity of the cause .
This applies to the symptoms of genetic disease,viral,bacterial and fungal diseases,poisoning,insect stings ,animal bites and crashes …etc

2-The symptoms will be permenently cured if the cause is treated,regardless how it is treated

Internally,chemical changes are symptoms of the disease
Externally, changes arise in the patient’s behavior are the final result of the effect of chemical disease symptoms on the natural course of the biological system

But in the sz condition,there is a changes arise in the person’s behavior without chemical changes (symptoms) arise from genetic disease,or chemical changes causing a disease or personal behavioral symptoms

The higher mental processes and the chemical functions work as usual but in acceleration and continuous repetition most period time of waking without stopping,rest or restore the state of balance (zero),without genetic messages / order or direction be issued from the genetic system or the will of the psychological user

The materialist trauma
Is for the materialist researcher who is insist on considering the sz an objective phenomenon (medical condition) can be explained by material causes (bio,genetic,chemical…etc),and then he repeatedlly fails to find a physical,biological,genetic or chemical cause or explain any part related the sz
Without knowing what the sz’s nature really is,he creates an unresolved dilemma by claiming that sz condition is a disease in nature !

the reason is untreated/undiscovered sinusitis , just ask all people with schiziphrenia to do a ct scan to confirm my hypothesis then i am going to win the money , thank you very mich.

What I say here considering the text book and the realistic reference about the health condition be called schizophrenia ,whatever your story about it
I do not ask any people what sz is,because I know ,understand and explain it to people who experience sz or without ,I do that without theory ,hypothesis , suggestion or fabricated story and the error does not exist

the trauma
The subtle detail that narrate the stages of the emergence of the living existential features of the strange psychological entity(s) be called Hallucinations in the time-place of consciousness state and the emotional theater ,and what causes a feeling of amazement,dread in the self ,and the conviction of the inability to resist the emergence steps or remove the hallucinations entities from internal existence with all available possibilities …etc urges the emergence of appearances of horrific shock in the psychological being

The traumatic violence is a million time more severe from a feeling of guilt or / remorse as a result of mistakes that the person made against others,or crimes committed by others against the person

there are many details to explain the actual events of the phenomenon be called the first early episode of psychosis ,where the human being has becoming an eyewitness and
ear witness for a new creation of a free psychological entities from nothingness inside time-place of himself - this is the first step of trauma

Money doesn’t solve everything. Give these guys a billion dollars and they will still be scratching their heads. Only difference is bigger beuracracy and more influence. Less innovation. I like private sector.

The art of studying the cause and its effect

According to the current information ,they know the following things;
1- the word “schizophrenia”
2-A group of symptoms called symptoms of schizophrenia
3-A comparisons between the effects of different medication,treatment or drugs
While they know nothing about the identity of the cause or mechanisms of its effect

So,through your observations to the symptoms and your perception of the meaning,concept and connotation of sz term

1- Is the sz a whole central condition be classified as the cause of the diagnosed symptoms ?
If you say Yes
Q; what is the nature of sz’s nature ?

2-Is the sz condition classified as a result of the symptoms ?
In the case,if you say Yes
Q; what is nature of sz’s nature which be created by different symptoms ?

3-In the case,if you say that ,there are symptoms without whole central condition
Q; Do the symptoms cause themselves ?
Please,explain How each single symptom creates itself
(notice that,the gene is the only thing who can creates a copy of itself )

OR it must be there are a causes precede the symptoms existentially and cause them functionally ?
if you say Yes,you will have a single cause for every single symptom , so that each one working independently about the rest of the other causes
Tell us the story (chance) which explain the existence of many different causes in one time-place in the youth age of a human being

The nature of SZ’s nature and the cause are two sides of the same coin

The conviction of the scientists that the current information about the cause / effect is insufficient ,and there is an urgent need to study and conduct experiments to extract sufficient facts to generate a better understanding in itself ,it is not enough to achieve the desired goal !

As appears from the context of the research map,there is no an innovative idea that could lead to a revolution in the world of knowledge throughout the schizophrenia .
Rather,the insistence on following the methodical steps of the failed research that took place within a hundred years and did not discover the cause or even know the mode of effect

They said " international study to better understand the cause and effect "

From their words you understand a false truth,because it seems as if they knew the cause and effect ,but they did not have time / financial support during the last period to study the known cause /effect adequately !

And now they are preparing tools and research maps for full study that lead to better understand (as they said),while they do not know the cause nor its effect !

The prerequisite for the success of any research conducted on sz , is that the basic task that precedes all procedures is to determine the nature of SZ’s nature as it as in itself with certainty that does not accept controversy or bargaining

We have a suggestion,concerning the formation of a joint dialogue committee,it includes a group of university professors ,scientists and researchers who specialize in the study /search the sz ,and carefully selected people with sz who have had long experience in living with sz and contemporaneity of all its stages / problems,and have the talent for expressing and asking questions and answering questions that are posted to them

We call to an Equal dialogue between the interlocutors in order to agree on the basic principle that define the reality of the sz that a persons feel /perceive ,the nature of problems that the sz creates ,the type of suffering that it causes during its different stages

The people with sz ,they are not viewed as trail sample,
they should been seen as comprehensive Partners in the research to give a test of credibility to the final results they are reached and agree upon

People with sz have reliable opinion in every word,expression,concept,designation or adjective falsely affixing their personal characteristics

The researcher must directly identify the origin of the sz that the persons suffer from throughout mutual dialogues ,and agreement on what is correct that match the relity of the sz OR what is pure misleading claims that do not match the reality of sz

Everyone on the both side should prepare the issues ,the questions that will be discussed

One of the most important causes of cognitive deficiency of the identity of cause / effect is mainly due to that,the researcher does not understand from the person’s disclosures what is the real cause for its suffering,because he did not know the nature of sz’s nature that the person feels and causing disorder in the thinking,sensation,perception,recall memories or restored data about the world of things,attention,the sleep,the waking ,feeling features and most of behavioral responses >>.etc