Researcher claims mindful gaming has ‘significant cognitive and sensory benefits’



Older generations of parents’ fear of video games is so silly. I remember having a 1 hour limit on my gaming every day when I was young. But no limit on TV.

If you’re going to limit entertainment, limit the freaking braindead kind of entertainment like TV. Computer games are fine. The only time I would limit that as a parent was if it severely interferred with school or social life.


I think problem solving and reflexes help but it’s not something you want hours into when young.

Get kids playing sport till teenagers then let them decide their path! Video games aren’t that bad and there’s some good content but it’s one of those things! Activity is way better in the real world!


I enjoy video games. But I think they just improve those ideas only within the contexts of playing video games and may not translate to other areas of one’s life.

Well said @Treebeard TV is so mind numbing. I don’t see how the Kardashians are making life better or how watching roses being distributed as a basis for love really does anything. Lol


Not all TV is brain dead and not all video games are intellectually stimulating.


Yeah, sz youtuber cottage-pk talks about how video games helped him become more social and talk to ppl.

same w/ @SpacemanInvader ader, he benefited from minecraft


I’d say in general, even the least intellectually stimulating video games are many times more intellectually stimulating than your average TV shows. My opinion is that parents should limit TV time above all else, and only very few parents should ever limit gaming time. Most parents who limit gaming time do so out of fear and ignorance.


Yes and no. Depends on the individual. I write as a hobby and I draw from my extensive well of cultural knowledge when I do so. In my case, my background knowledge in pop-culture from excessive video gaming and TV as a youth has been a boon to me.

Edit: I should also mention that Squirrelette – who is now seventeen – has already written three novels. Her media consumption could also be described as excessive. I’ve just not worried about it.


I think that is generally a good attitude towards children’s leisure activities.


Yeah, we can’t work every living waking minute, maybe 12 hrs a day, that is not natural humab behavior, we need breaks, and for our minds to be idle at times. This is the healthiest thing for most ppl. No one enjoys a high stress lifestyle filled with commitments. It may be a personal quirk or part of circumstance, but its certainly not our default decision. Even vacations may not be enough. We all need time to unwind. We all need to play around in a space which is free of the consequences of reality. Video games, sport, any alternate reality where the stakes are low and we can take pleasure in being disappointed.

They teach us to delay gratification, they teach us to plan ahead and umderstand systems and collaborate. They can be invaluable to folks. Kids have free time, videogames are a harmless preocvupation, indeed, maybe even a beneficial one.


Interesting, but I still love violent games lol. Actually, I love Nintendo games, which are not so violent, but sometimes I enjoy playing some games like Call of Duty.


Yeah, they’re great! We need to learn to see reality as a crazy unpredictable (but also predictable) world we can explore and play around in with very little danger of true lasting injury. COD is a great example, you plug in and practice life. In a way desensitizing yourself to social anxiety and rehearsing behaviors like approaching other people, solving problems collecting ifo etc. Communicating with other ppl online if its multiplayer, and sunconsciously rehaearsing for real life conflict. Familiarizing yourself with conflict and disappointment. Getting on the same wavelength as the other kids and so on…


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