REQUEST: Video interview of a young adult diagnosed with schizophrenia

Foks - we’ve been contacted by a writer working with a college textbook / multimedia producer who wants to interview young people with schizophrenia. Here is what they are looking for. If you’re interested - please contact them using the info below - or PM/contact the person at their Forum account @RoniShayne. Seems like a good way to help remove stigma from the illness.

Hi - I’m a writer and am scripting a series of short educational on topics in intro psychology currently being produced by the college textbook publisher Worth, part of MacMillan Higher Education. For our video on schizophrenia we are trying to interview a charismatic young adult diagnosed with schizophrenia who can tell about their experiences living with the disorder clearly and with some insight. We ideally want someone who can put a positive/hopeful spin on their story and who our college audience will relate to - the goal being to break down some of the stigma that exists around the disorder and show that it is manageable with the proper support.

We are based in NYC but will fly anywhere in the US to shoot. Thanks, let me know if you have any other questions.

Roni Jacobson

(678) 787-8081


@mortimermouse: Plz remember us when you’re famous. :smiley:



Lol! My thesis is on stigma, ironically.