Republicans winning in 2016

In the past I have been interested in the U.S. Presidential politics. In August 1999 in America I even developed my own game, POLCHESS, political chess, in which there is the opening, the middle-game and the end-game. Today I see Republicans winning the U.S. Presidential election of 2016. Well, it does seem to go in the direction I desire so that Hillary Clinton won’t be elected in 2016 as she lost in 2008. So in 2016 you may see the Republican President which will change America once again.

a republican president would ruin america. You don’t even live in america so I can understand you not understanding the true dillema the republicans pose. Hilary will win in 2016 because now that we have a republican senate all hell is going to break loose and america will see the light about how bad republicans really are.

Well our little corner of the world is still in the democrats hands as of today.

But yes I see the pendulum once again swinging that way in the next presidential election. You know I have voted in every presidential election since I was 18 years old and I have to say they’ve lost me now. I’m fed up with it and will not be voting until I either see someone running who truly inspires me or there is some form of positive change in our country.