Report: Apple plans to sell the iPhone as a subscription service

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If this happens I’m gonna switch to Android.


Come to the dark side. :smile::smile::smile:


Lol! I was thinking about saying that. You beat me to it. :laughing:

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Me too, if this happens I’ll be purchasing Samsung - switching to Android.
■■■■ that

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Anybody explain this

You don’t pay $1000 upfront for an iphone. You just rent it for $?? / Month

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Sounds stupid.


My cell phone carrier offers monthly payments on their phones.
What’s the difference? @everhopeful

I mean most Carriers allow customers to pay off their phones on a monthly basis

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Some people buy their phones outright. I bought my Xiaomi outright.

But the details of the subscription service haven’t been released yet though.

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They will probably include other Apple services like Apple TV and Apple Music etc… to the total package (subscription)

Yes I see this happening

Like I said before, if this happens I’ll be switching to Android very quickly.

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