Money is never "extra money"

But if someone is doing good with money, AT&T is having a really good promotion. If you sign up for their internet service and phone service they’ll give you a $700.00 credit towards an $850 iphone 12. That means you get it for $150. Internet service is $45 for signing up right now. Phone service is $65 a month plus they have you pay an extra $5 each month for the phone. It’s a little steep but it’s a good phone and Apple gives you free TV for a year and a free music channel. And a free three months access to games.

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I have an AT&T go phone its an android LG smartphone I pay 25$ a month for unlimited text and call then I use Wi-Fi for internet

Thats doesnt sound too bad. Im paying uk vodafone £132 a month, but that includes the samsung s10, Galaxy 3 smartwatch, unlimited calls text and data and my 80Mbit Wifi. Oh and and a tenner of that is for spotify which i pay for on the phone contract.

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I’m paying £8 for my Samsung s9 which I got when it first came out. When my original contract ended, I took a look at the newer phones and didn’t feel like there had been much of a significant development tech wise :slightly_smiling_face:

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