Repeated hallucination?

Have anyone in this community like… for example play a song and someone says it in the backgrond before its happened… Or maybe talking to online friends then hear someone else in the background that is not in the voice chat saying it before the friend says it?

Am i making any sense? lol’’

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Yeah. That can happen when you have auditory hallucinations.

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Oh hey thanks my bad.

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Do you think its cause of too much stress? or not enough medication?

it could be like deja vu, which a form of dissociation, you can google it. To me it’s really interesting because it applies to me so much.

If it only happens a little bit I wouldn’t worry about it. That’s what my pdoc tells me. If it starts to become actually prevalent as conversation then you need to get your meds adjusted. Right now, just try not to worry about it.

Also if you can just say “oh, that was weird” and then stop thinking about it, vs if you obsess about it and try to find explanations for it.

“Normal” folks also get it occasionally, but they just go on about their business.

Yeah I know whatcha means,

That has happened to me more recently actually,

I wouldn’t worry about it though,
I guess that’s how the waters of the mind play sometimes.
It’s just a auditory halluicenation.

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Hey guys i know it might sound silly. but i found that heating up some “Green tea” helps calm it…