Reefer madness real science says otherwise

It says cannabis has no long term effect in cognition.

Apparently some schizophrenics can smoke pot and claim it helps them. And many others like me can’t handle it.So. Studies or no studies. Some schizophrenics can handle it, some can’t. I don’t need a study to tell me that.

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It has taken me far too long to learn that lesson… I can’t handle it. I really hope after this last needless journey into confused paranoia and messing up my med balance and almost losing my job due to the psychosis and almost landing in hospital again… I’m pretty sure this time I have my head out of my butt on this…
so endith the lesson.

Hey surprised, I smoked it a LONG time past when it wasn’t fun anymore. It was really fun in high school before I got sick, but afterward it was never fun again. I guess I always thought, “Well the next time will be better”. But it never was. It doubled my paranoia. I only quit because I was getting clean from crack and in AA, CA, and NA, you are not clean if you just stop your drug of choice but you are using another drug or drinking. Recovery is total abstinence which is not a problem with me. But yeah, I knew in1980 when I was 19 after my diagnosis that I couldn’t handle pot. And I actually quit for about two years. Mainly because that’s when I was going through all my hospitalizations. I picked it up again in1983 and smoked it sporadically afterwards. Made myself miserable. I’m glad I’m not doing that to myself anymore.

i smoked weed from the age of 13 to 19, most days. i learnt i can’t handle it anymore, i tested myself 6 year ago and went into a psychosis, it really is a bad trigger, i will never test myself again its poison and a dangerious chemical

I don’t really enjoy weed anymore.

That article came from “High Times” of course it’s gonna say that lol.

I enjoy pot. It calms me. But I only smoke cbd rich flowers, i cannot handle thc. thc sends me to a crazy place but I find that cbd works for me.

But there is a lot of science that counters that story:

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Really? The federal government allows only research that curtail the HARM of cannabis. They won’t allow studies that shows its overwhelming medical benefits. And I mean overwhelming evidence, and just because it doesn’t have its desired effect on you, you are going to demonize it? Wrong. I am not going to believe a biased study led by religious fanatics who think cannabis is evil because they had a bad high one time. Don’t call it poison since its your brain reacting symptomatic to it, there are others where it doesn’t. I am a schizophrenic that demonized the drug before, for many years actually. Then an interest sprung up about it after I had been reading the facts. For every study there is on it, you got the federal studies, which were made to show the harm of cannabis, there’s an opposite side. And both sides have truths. To some degree.

Here is a good video from one of the top researchers on the topic:

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Nice video Thanks. My response to the video is that I’ve known heavy MJ smokers that have smoked since their teens. Never developed schizophrenia. I believe if you are to become schizophrenic, that it is in your genetics that yes, marijuana can hasten symptoms, well so can alcohol and other drugs.

I think we agree here - basically some people have a genetic or biological vulnerability to psychosis or schizophrenia that can be triggered by pot / cannabis / marijuana (among many other things - like stress). For most people this probably isn’t the case. The trouble is - you can’t tell before hand if you have that vulnerability.

I think this researcher probably summarizes it well in this short news clip:

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This is why my brother stopped smoking completely, I think. He’s smart and doesn’t want to ruin his chances. He never smoked a lot anyways, but now he completely abstains. I quit smoking marijuana too, I smoked a low potency smoking alternative because it works better for my mood than marijuana. I smoked a bad version and it made me sick, but there’s a certain non-research chemical blend that actually has herbal benefits. There are natural herbs that are safer alternatives to marijuana. I also noticed first hand that it didn’t help my memory at all, but made it worse.

I am not against the medical use of MJ and having it legalized in the U.S. but there needs to be an age limit, and do be approved they should make sure you can drive on it. It’s a sedative like any other drug, and can impair motor skills like alcohol. Certain people like it, those who are not affected well by it shouldn’t smoke or use it.

Well they do have a marijuana breathalyzer on the way. There have been tests in teens, that have crushed their test scores while completely stoned. They also passed driving tests stoned as well. So it is not entirely applicable for everyone, some can operate fine while on it, while some people it hinders their motor skill. The age limit is 21. Colorado is opening up recreational sales start of next year. Billions in income for the state. I have always questioned the harm of cannabis. I mean ZERO deaths have been recorded throughout history from marijuana use. Take your alcohol, cigarettes, those kill more yet they are regulated legally. And marijuana is a Controlled Substance Act schedule 1! Worse than methamphetamine which is Schedule 2. So yeah, the laws need to be re-written, prohibition lifted. The drug trafficking is worse than the drug itself causing mass loss of life, take Juarez Mexico for example the drug cartels. Look up president Mujica of Uruguay recently legalized pot, and get his stance on cannabis, it may change your worldview entirely.

There’s a case for the manufacture and selling of cannabis being legalised and brought under state control. The emphasis should then be on producing cannabis high in cannabidiol and low in THC.

I agree. You put CBD in a concentrate, and you may have the anti-psychotic properties researchers have been talking about.

There are drug companies working on that now.


I’d like to move out to Colorado and grow my own CBD rich cannabis. But here in Georgia a majority thinks Marijuana is worse than Meth(Dinosaur thinking). It could be an extremely good business opportunity providing CBD rich medicine to patients. I could become a caregiver with a license to grow 6 plants per patient. That would be an awesome job. Have a good one.