Red is the Moon at night

Here I am in the dark watching the moon bleed scary the thought of this passes by disappears in sight


Bloodmoon. I wonder if we are getting that in the southern hemisphere??


Can’t see it here. Complete overcast. Happens every time there’s an event like this.


It looks like a delicious ripe nectarine. Yum yum.


Astounding photo DrZen.

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real nice. never saw a red moon. red is the fastest frequency color. it hits your eyes more times in a second than any other color.

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hmmm…don’t know…I take it as a sign…but I believe a lot about the world right now. I am ready for what happens this summer…I forsee a great drought and very high temperatures…my little cooling units in my house can’t keep up when it gets over 97 degrees…and most of our summer temps are over a hundred weeks on end. sometimes…last summer we got a decent amount of rain storms.

I can remember mapping off one room to air condition it through the hottest part of the year a girlfriend told me that if I would tenfold windows from the Sun and the heat the room would stay cool throughout the house if you let it cool for 2 days I didn’t believe her until I seen her place although I’m firmly against doing that even though it works I sympathize with your situation but having a bigger air conditioner means you have to pay more to support it and that I sympathize with you too our incomes are just not great enough to support stuff that we should have

hey man…good idea…my wife has a good air conditioner, the best in the house in her bedroom where most of her time is spent with the dogs on blankets on the floor next to her…she plays bingo there. anyways…she keeps her door shut…but in the living room…it disperses to the big kitchen and my bedroom. I am going to put sheets on the living room openings…thanks for reminding me.

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