Red Dead Online is about to be released. Here's how to play it

Something for the gamers.

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For real?! I have been DYING to play RD2! I can’t wait! Yay!!!

Darn. Just saw this is UK. I don’t know if it’s available in the US. I want it on the PC. I have a PS4 and an XBox One, but I would rather play on the PC.

I got permanently locked out of a certain activity in GTA V because I missed an in-game phone call opening the activity for multiplayer. Since I missed it 20 experience levels ago, it is never coming back. And the activity was a deathmatch sort of thing, very fun, I played a few times when other people who had taken the call set up the game.

So I said no to GTA online from that point on. I probably have to say no to this one, until I see it come out. I spent money on Fallout 76 and Diablo 3. I’m just worried about a bunch of stuff being released and then charged for with real money to get good things fast.

I’ll wait and see :slight_smile:

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Mentioned on this USA site.

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The servers are online now.

Anybody remember rainbow 6 three? That game was sick, is that franchise still around?

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