Recovery is possible?


My pdoc said the Abilify is working so well it might be possible for me to make a full recovery! I’m really hopeful, something I haven’t felt in a long time :heart:


It is indeed possible. I’ve been in recovery for three years now.


That’s great news ! :sunny:


Gives me hope. Congrats to you both.


I’m on a rollercoaster.

Emotions of sort, numbness for long periods, isolation, music.


Sounds a good prognosis.

I’m uber stable. Same meds and doses for well over 10 years now. I live a great life. It’s a little different from most folks but I enjoy it and live as large as I can. I’d say it really is possible even with the meds.


I hope to be where you are, one day, soon. I’ve noticed your stability through the posts I’ve read from you. You’re an inspiration. Thanks


What dobyou mean full recovery do u mean remmission off meds one day or on meds but with no positive symtoms


Congrats, @Smokes! I’m happy for you.


Thanks everyone for the support :heart: You make the struggle easier :heart:


I’ll be on meds the rest of my life, but things are quiet for once :heart: