Reciprocal Determinism

I forgot all about this theory. A great tool for understanding triggers.


I’ve been pondering this for a bit.

I also found a few other articles on this

We choose to place ourselves in certain environments, and these environments then influence our behavior and the way we think. However, the way we think - our attributions, goals, values, and perceptions - may guide which environments we choose to be in as well as the behavior we exhibit. Our behavior, in turn, may change the environment as well as the way we think. All three variables influence each other in a reciprocal manner."

I like the circular thinking on this theory. I do believe my environment influences my behavior… I’m trying to use this idea more constructively.

Understanding my triggers will help… but there are times I loose my logic and end up reacting negatively to those triggers anyway.

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The best part is the process in which you can influence your behavior, thus influencing your environment, which will influence your Person. All 3 can relate in any way, but to be control of the process is the ultimate goal. Especially if other people in your triangle can be positively influenced. It’s easy to be a product of, instead of being the creator of.

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