Received praise at work

This week at work has been brilliant in terms of my boss/ supervisor noticing my good work…
I’ve been transferred to a different department and inside a month I’ve learnt more than my fellow colleague who’s been there 10 years. How do I know this? Well my supervisor had a wee "chat"with me and says I’m “so clued up” with my work compared to my colleague. I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but I felt a sense of achievement after hearing this. I’m so glad my superiors are being honest with me. I suffer from social anxiety especially when hordes of customers appear suddenly. I told my supervisor I wish I could be calmer when it gets busy. She says I shouldn’t be “doubting myself” and that I’m really doing SO well. Supervisor also said she and my manager can’t praise me enough. Blimey!!! What do you all think of this? Nobody at work knows I have schizophrenia.


That’s brilliant! :sunny:


That’s good you have a boss who appreciates hard work! I volunteered at the nature center for a year and a half, worked my butt off. Finally got the balls to email saying “if there’s a job opening, can I at least be considered for it? I think I’ve been doing really well here!” And she emailed me back saying yes “im glad you THINK you’re doing well”. That was the closest to a compliment I ever got. Then she was rude and ignored me the rest of my time there. So I quit. Very frustrating. I wasn’t the only volunteer who felt they got the raw end of the deal at that place.


Thank you for that xxxx

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I think it’s awesome, toot your own horn as loud as you’d like. Thumbs up for sz excellence. :+1:t3:

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Well done! It’s great to receive recognition for doing good work!

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Chew, my manager is the fairest manager I have ever had in my career. She is so approachable and accommodating to me and other employees. I think that’s an important factor in deciding whether one enjoys their job or not. I enjoy my work so much. Having a good manager helps.

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Thanks turtle xxxx

Thank you Lexicon xx

Good Job getting noticed and praised for it is always a good thing, mean you care about what you do. Very well done.

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Well done @jenny8022 …I am just the opposite…!!!

wow, that amazing, well done

my manager in the charity shop said to me if i play my cards right i could get promoted to a paid position and i think i was doing the steaming better than him as well, i dk if i want that though bc my mental health is on a bit of a shaky nail just now lol but it was a nice thought,

keep up the good work :+1:

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It sounds like you’re working retail? Out of the few jobs I’ve had my favorite job was retail (Walmart). I think certain retail jobs can be a bit conducive even for people with schizophrenia. If it’s a big store, I found it was nice to try to think while walking.

Hi. I work in catering, sometimes in a canteen, but am mainly based in a small food outlet. Within the university. I was doing sandwich bar/Starbucks drinks last year. And it can be scary especially when the students all come in at once lol

Thank you daydreamer

excellent job passing as a normie!! Congrats on your awesome job performance and on being a highly functional sz!

I, too, am living a double life. I just got a job and my disability specialist instructed me to not mention I had a disability since I can pass without accommodations. So, new job next week, gotta work on keeping my diagnosis secret, too!!

I think you’re highly functional and successful in your life and you should be proud about your compliments from the boss! A well deserved clap for you!!

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I’m so touched by your words x thank you xxx

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