Every now and then

Every now and then I impress people in my life. My employer is selling her company to another company.The new company has visited our work site twice.The other day it was a man and a women. A day after they visited us, I called my boss about a paycheck I need to pick up and she said those new people who visited were really impressed with me! I was surprised because I didn’t know what I did that impressed them. I played over the visit in my mind and I came up with something. When the two people visited I walked up to them and my two co-workers were talking to them.I shook their hand and everybody was just standing around.I excused myself and turned and walked over to the locker room to finish cleaning it without another word.I think that made me look diligent and hard working.


Well done Nick - it is a good feeling to be recognized in your job. When I worked for years, I was recognized only a couple of times over a span of 25 years or so- but it does feel good. Congrats again

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that is impressive.
take care

My coach told me after I lifted 500lbs 6 times “nothing you do will ever impress me” LOL

My friends are in disbelief though, and they give me kudos for making As and having a free ride to college.

congratulations !!! nice to get a compliment like that

Your conscientious, a hard worker, trustworthy and able to be the boss in a pinch. You get on with the job and you take it seriously. I have no doubt that you impressed them. :thumbsup:


Hey kidsister, to quote a familiar poster here:
"Thanks for that!!

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Nice job nick,it seems your sz is totally under control,being deligen and hardworking worker is probably every boss dream,I try to do that also