Really suffering today πŸ€•

Man not sure I can hold out weeks to start the depot tbh

I’m struggling today too. What depot are you going on?

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Fluanxol (depixol). I have to get the first dose in the hospital - just in case I have an allergic reaction. So I have to wait to get that organised.

Are you on a depot?

can you hold out til next week and then maybe get some oral meds to get you by?

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Hey mum. Just phoned up my community nurses. They said to speak to my pdoc.

So me and mum left a message with my pdoc secretary. Hopefully he will get back to me soon.


I hope so too, you’ve had enough crap already. It’s time for some help from good old meds.

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i am so sorry you are suffering jimbob.

try not to be alone too much if you can please.

i like you friend.


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Hey folks thanks for the kind messages :heart:️

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