Realizing you need to step back a notch

Hello everyone, long time no see.

How does one deal with the fact they may need to take a step back from responsibilities? I’ve currently been working full time for 4 years. I’ve been going downhill steadily, and just had my first inpatient stay in those 4 years as well. It was relatively short (3 days) and I jumped back into work again hoping I could maintain. I’m starting to feel as if I should quit my current job and move to part-time employment elsewhere. I’m missing a lot of days. Yesterday I didn’t make it in. I slept for 22 hours straight. My boss is getting fed up with me missing work, and I definitely haven’t been as productive as years past. I thought I had finally started to get somewhere, and I was quickly reminded how insidious this illness is and how quickly and ruthlessly it can rear it’s head at any time. Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.



Hi. I remember you. Kind of…

Sorry to see you back on these terms.

Maybe talk it over with friends/family. There may be a better fit for you professionally than where you’re at now? Idk…

Also, maybe you need a rest period to recover.

I’d take things easy though because you’ve had some traumatic experiences recently if you were bad enough you had to be hospitalized.


Thanks for the input. I currently live with family and they are concerned with my health, physically and mentally. They agree I may need to step back. I’m just dreading this phone call to my boss to say I can’t do it anymore. Thanks again for the reply.


hey @dreamer ! hows it going broski? long time no see (btw its kevonthepoet ) we did a track together way back. hope youre doing alright.

best advice i can give is: just try to really focus on your health as much as you can. Physical and mental. My weights gone up to 230lb since the pandemic and mentally its been hard… but eating healty, exercising, reading, and praying (or silent reflecting if youre not religious) are all healthy things you can do. Helps me out a lot…

thats my 2 cents :slight_smile: hope youre doing alright


Hey you got to think of number one.


Do you have any vacation time that you could take to see if this is just a rough patch? Maybe you will feel better about your job if you have some time off. Just a suggestion.

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Have a paus with working? Work less?


Dont be afraid to disclose your mental illness. Its your right in some cases id bet, to be able to take a leave for illness. Depending where you live it might be illegal for them to fire you for that. That is of course if you tell them its for illness, if they don’t know i mean they might assume someone is just shirking work or something silly


@ThePoet Hey man! Good to see you! Hope you’re doing well. Unfortunately where I live is an at-will employee state, which means they can fire me for no reason at all.

@Bowens Unfortunately my job doesn’t offer vacation. It’s a little small family owned business, and they aren’t required to offer pod vacation or paid holidays because of the size of the company.

@Wave Youre right, it’s just hard because sometimes I don’t see myself as worthy. Which I know is the ptsd talking.

@Yellowdiamond My job is strictly full-time. I’m order to do part time I’d have to find work elsewhere, which I think is my best option atm.

Thank you everyone for the input


What kind of work is it??

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Landscaping/lawn maintenance.

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