Reading Club Update.....June 2022!

So what is everyone reading??

I’m still reading Ray Bradbury’s collection 1. Not sure exact title as it’s Kindle but it’s like 100 stories. It’s very good and reading a lot of stories I’ve never read before. Well worth the price of admission.

For Non fiction…I picked up Sapiens: A brief history of Humankind. I’ve just gotten into it and looks amazing. Very cool and learning lots about things I’ve read about before with a bit of a different slant to them…

So. What are you reading or want to read this June???


Thinking of ordering books right now!
I’ve read Sapiens before and it’s a very comprehensive review on human history.

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I just read ‘the financial detox’.

Currently I’m reading Jen Sincero ‘You are a badass at making money’.

Basically books about your relationship with money.

I’m not buying books anymore but getting them from the library in physical or ebook format.

This is one of my ways of saving. Books can be expensive.

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Reading crime thrillers from the library - books by James Patterson, Jo Nesbo and Tess Gerritsen

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Im currently reading a histroy of silence by Alain Corbin. Recently I read mans search for meaning by Viktor Frankl for the second time. I want to get more of his books. Logotherapy seems like my kinda psychotherapy. But his retelling of his experience surviving Auchwitz and other camps is so intense and interesting. Especially from a clinical psychiatrists point of view.

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Well I’m not reading as such. I have a book with black n white pictures in it from 1900-2000

One of the pictures from the Victorian era is a young gentleman, about 10-11 years old smoking and drinking! His mum obviously isn’t bothered ! Can you imagine that in this day n age !! :roll_eyes:

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