Random things that are unexpectedly good

My left ear phone worked for a few second now it’s gone back to one ear phone.


you mean both sides work now? I hope so.

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For a few seconds lol.

The good surprise has now ended.

so sorry…bummer. I am listening to smashing pumpkins right now. what are you listening to?

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I spent $100 on headphones and they’ve lasted a long time. If you spend enough money on electronics you can get good things.

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I was listening to Korean folk song. Oh is smashing pumpkins good. What’s their best song. I don’t really know thm

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Cool. I guess I could do that wen I can afford it.

Thanks Jinx

probably “zero” or “disarm”… @LittleMissSlothy

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If you’ve an iphone it’s a setting in your phone. I had a left channel drop out on my trip to the shrink and it was horrible. Some songs you miss a lot. Some you don’t but it was still a pain in the ass and unsure how the hell it got changed but glad I sorted it out!


Smashing Pumpkins is a good band.

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